Mas Sajady EI Podcast #1: What is Exponential Intelligence®? Exploring the Basics

Welcome to my podcast, Exponential Intelligence. 

Do you ever find yourself contemplating your real 'why' in life? Do you ever wonder about the person you are? Perhaps you don't like what you see, but you don't know where to begin and how to make a change. We are all human, we are all connected, and these are constant questions and struggles that come up for many of us.  

I help thousands of people every day shift their vibration and change their lives through Exponential Intelligence (EI). This is the same reason why we've created this podcast. We want to give you the tools to transform your life, so that each and every one of you too can have it all.

I will be discussing the nature of Exponential Intelligence, the benefits of EI, how moving 'beyond abundance' helps you change your life, plus much more.  

I’ll also guide you through a ten minute Medihealing® where I’ll help you instill these frequencies  of abundance so you too can begin your journey to becoming limitless.

A Medihealing is a meditation and healing in one to supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total abundance.  I created this format to allow faster personal transformation.  Each podcast will include a customized ten minute Medihealing.  

I’m thrilled to have you join me on my very first episode of Exponential Intelligence. 

Now let's begin this journey together in finding your real why in life.

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“Once you get connected to Exponential Intelligence you’re self-sustaining, you don’t need anything outside of you.”

Show Notes:

  • What is Exponential Intelligence

  • How beyond abundance will help you transform your life

  • What is 360 degrees of abundance

  • How do we acquire Exponential Intelligence

  • How Mas is able to help thousands of people every week

  • Can everyone master EI

  • How Mas acquired EI

  • What opened up and changed for Mas after his first and second near death experience

  • The benefits of EI and how it transforms you into a state of being

  • Who is Mas Sajady

  • Meet Crystal Fambrini

  • What is an oracle or intuitive

  • What is a frequency and how do frequencies resonate with us

  • The meaning behind ‘you are what you believe you are

  • What is your core level or blueprint?

“Exponential Intelligence is a state of being that transcends time and distance."

  • Do we all have a frequency signature?

  • How multiple personalities can shift and change your frequency

  • The instantaneous effects of EI

  • How Mas’ joyous ‘near’ death experience started him on the path of frequencies… and what powers did he gain from this

  • How Mas survived death… drowning in a cenotes (a hole in the river)

  • The connection between spiritual blue and being limitless

  • What are The Dark Nights?

  • Medihealing - what is it, what differentiates it from other meditations and what are its benefits

  • How opening you up to your higher self can transform your life

  • Join ten minute Medihealing to instill new frequencies of abundance into your vibration

“I can edit your past, changing your present, thus transforming your future.”

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