Mas Sajady EI Podcast #2: EI and Pure Source

Do you want to feel a stronger connection to the Pure Source energy that creates everything in our world?

In this episode of Exponential Intelligence® we discuss the nature of Pure Source, the catalyst behind Exponential Intelligence. We also explain the connection of Pure Source with religion and spirituality.  

Pure Source encapsulates everything; past, present and future.  Anything that has been, or ever will be created, is created through and by Pure Source.  There are many different word choices for Pure Source such as God, Allah, Universe.  

We end with a ten minute Medihealing®, a meditation and healing in one, to introduce you to a higher personal connection with Pure Source.

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“Anything that has been or will be created is created through Pure Source.”

Show Notes:

  • What is Pure Source?

  • Why we should surround ourselves with others who are Pure Source connections

  • What ended Mas’ search for Pure Source

  • The meaning behind the higher realm blue space

  • How does Pure Source align with religion and spirituality

“I felt so expansive when I separated from my body and I had that 'aha' moment and realized, wow, this is what life is about.”

  • How can we benefit from operating in Pure Source

  • What affects our level of awareness

  • How can we become more conscious and more connected to Pure Source

  • Join the ten minute Medihealing to elevate your connection to Pure Source

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“It’s amazing how much power, joy and love you feel in spirit space.”