Mas Sajady EI Podcast #78: Fallacies of Compassion, Hope, Faith and Trust

In this episode, I discuss several important concepts that come up around the holidays; compassion, hope, faith and trust. We explore Exponential Intelligence®’s surprising perspective on these principles, and how you can harness or avoid them for your benefit. 

I answer a wide variety of listener questions around these topics, and along the way explore how to maximize your joy in life, how to have true compassion for others, and the value of being selfish. You will gain the Exponential Intelligence understanding of how useless hope and faith actually are, and what to replace them with to create great results in your life. 

I end this episode with a Medihealing®, which is meditation and healing combined, where I guide you into a closer connection with Pure Source so you can realize at a deeper level the true meaning behind compassion, faith, hope and trust. 

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"Be selfish with your time; strengthen yourself first."

Show Notes:

  • Why people think about their families during the holidays

  • How Mas answers listener questions by tapping into Source

  • What is behind miracles

  • How to maximize your joy in life

  • How to choose a different path to create different life outcomes

  • The Exponential Intelligence definition of compassion

  • How to get out of ruts you may be stuck in

  • Why people give too much of themselves to others

"Don’t have blind faith - question everything."

  • The value of being selfish with your time and energy

  • The truth about Mother Teresa and her work

  • Why we should have compassion for our spirits

  • Why hope is a useless word according to Exponential Intelligence

  • Understanding the programs that run in ourselves and others

  • Why you shouldn’t have blind faith in anything

  • What is an awakened spirit

  • How Mas didn’t have hope during his dark nights of the soul

"The only thing you should have faith in when you begin to awaken is your connection to Pure Source."

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing I help you understand the concept of Compassion, Hope, Faith, and Trust from an Exponential Intelligence perspective. I guide into a deeply present state so you can internalize the truth of these concepts and use it to support you during the holiday season and beyond. 

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