Mas Sajady EI Podcast #50: Increasing Your Intuition

In this special episode we celebrate our 50th installment of Exponential Intelligence® with a unique giveaway for you, our listeners, and then discuss how you can increase your intuition and ensure it comes from a pure source.

We discuss different aspects of enhancing your intuitive abilities. We explore the different places intuition comes from, and how to tell the difference between the nourishing intuition of Pure Source and the draining toxic energies that some people tap into for guidance. I share how to expand your intuition if it's pure, and also how to separate from your abilities and shift them to a pure place if they are currently harmful.  

I also talk about the different between synchronicities and intuition, share interesting stories of serendipity that have happened since we began the podcast, including one starring celebrity spoken word artist In-Q.

We end our discussion with a Medihealing®, which is meditation and healing combined to help you bring about abundance in all areas of life. This Medihealing will help you access the space where you receive your intuition, so you can ensure your abilities are healthy or begin to change them as needed. 

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"Intuition is simply an understanding of exactly where you are - by noting this and being present, you can tap into the information that's always there surrounding you.

Show Notes:

  • A reflection on the Mas Work from Episode 49: Origins of Intuition

  • What to do if your intuition comes from a dark source

  • Why people sometimes get sick after using intuition

  • What it means to sign a contract with the dark side

"As you awaken your intuition through Pure Source, your spirit starts to guide you."

  • Why working on many people actually gives me energy

  • How intuition develops you, not the other way around

  • The difference between synchronicity and intuition

  • What the true meaning of intuition is

"Synchronicities happen all the time to many people. They're a higher form of intuition where things just happen automatically, and they occur naturally when you're connected to Pure Source.

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, I guide you into a better understanding of what intuition really is and how to access it more effectively. This will help you develop your intuition so that it can guide you in your everyday life.

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