Mas Sajady EI Podcast #49: Origins of Intuition

In this episode we dive deep into the nature and origins of intuition.

I discuss the Exponential Intelligence® definition of intuition and how it differs from the common understanding of this phenomenon.  We talk about different ways people can access intuition, and explain how the source of this ability can powerfully impact your life. 

We explore the history of intuition, and reflect on how humanity's treatment of it has evolved over the centuries.  You’ll also hear testimonials from people who have experienced dramatic improvements in their intuition and lives after working with me.

We end with a Medihealing®, which is meditation and healing combined to help you bring about abundance in all areas of your life. In this Medihealing I guide you to discover the source of your own intuition and ensure that your intuitive abilities are rooted in Pure Source. Once your intuition is based in Pure Source, it aligns with your higher self and can better guide you towards a life of authentic abundance. 

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"We all have sensors through which we view the world - the depth of your intuition just depends on how calibrated those sensors are."

Show Notes:

  • How most people misunderstand the source of intuition

  • The importance of knowing where your intuition comes from

  • The EI definition of intuition

  • The many ways intuition manifest in our lives

  • Where intuition is held in our bodies

  • How intuition helps you in your life

"The more connected you are to Pure Source, the more effective your intuition will be."

  • Powerful intuition testimonials from people I’ve worked with

  • The evolution of intuition from ancient history to present day

  • How intuition has been suppressed throughout history

  • Why people don't acknowledge their intuition

"You are always guided at some level by intuition, whether you think you are intuitive or not."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Study your relatives and see if they had intuition.  Evaluate how their lives have been - was it a good life, or was their intuition always getting them in trouble? From this study you can see the kind of intuition that you may have" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing, I will help you see the source of your own intuition so you can understand the causes of your thoughts and actions at a deeper level. Next I will support you in reinforcing your intuition with Pure Source. This will cleanse and purify your intuition, and connect it fully to your spirit to support an organic, fulfilling life. 

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