Mas Sajady EI Podcast #53: Exponential Intelligence LIVE!

This special episode brings you into our live event, recorded just days ago at Wanderlust Hollywood, called Elevate with Exponential Intelligence®.

I talk with the live audience about why there is a new era of spirituality, how music helps connect us, and what near-death experiences mean.

We’ll hear a musical performance from American Idol's Stefano Langone, and then jump into a Medihealing® designed to help us transform ourselves and the frequencies running within us. 

You may notice some audio inconsistencies due to the live recording process, however the vibrations are just as potent as if you were sitting in the room. 

Welcome to a special LIVE taping of Exponential Intelligence!

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"As you ascend you will get the power that's naturally endowed in you."

Show Notes:

  • The new era of spirituality

  • Why music helps with generating frequencies

  • How near-death experiences bring people into spirituality

"The new age of spirituality is defining your best self so you can go to higher realms."

  • The audience singing along to Stefano during his performance

  • Transforming your frequencies using a Medihealing with music

"Music is one of the fastest ways to communicate with anyone around the world."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing is set to live music, and will help transform the frequencies that we have running inside of us.

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