Mas Sajady EI Podcast #54: Summer Lovin'

In this episode, we dive into summer and talk about the excitement, sensuality, and newness that the season brings.

I discuss what having a summer fling means in Exponential Intelligence® terms, how to find summer love, and what to do to ensure it remains year round. 

We explore spiritual reasons that passions rise this time of year, as well as a few scientific reasons such as the increased sun exposure and elevation of Vitamin D, which leads to increased testosterone in both sexes. 

We also explore how to recognize if your summer fling is healthy or toxic by noticing what you notice and looking for details in the way your energy is effected by the relationship. 

I also share a personal story of how I transformed from someone afraid to talk to a grocery store clerk to being able to speak to thousands of people around the world, and how you can too. 

In this customized Medihealing®, meditation and healing in one, I’ll help open you up to new experiences and feelings to help you embrace that hot summer fling - with a new or current life-long partner. 

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"We want to have a fling because it renews us. Everything comes alive, and we look and feel better."

Show Notes:

  • How we are doing Medihealings differently going forward

  • The Exponential Intelligence perspective on summer flings

  • How to stay in the bliss of a fling year-round

  • The science and statistics behind summer love

"When you come into your higher self and connect with others you can enjoy spiritual sex, which is really grand even if it's a one night stand.

  • Why people revitalize in the summer and feel sexy again

  • The benefits and dangers of one-night stands

  • How to tell if your summer fling is beneficial or not

  • How to find your true path to love

  • Supporting your summer fling year-round

"Timelessness is the key to relationships, and summer flings can give you that infinite feeling."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Break free from your comfort zone. Go beyond it and do little things to make you uncomfortable, just so you get comfortable being uncomfortable. This can be talking to someone at work you've always been nervous to approach, signing up for a dating website, taking a public speaking course, or anything else that pushes you beyond your normal boundaries" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing sets you up for summer lovin' by empowering you to be open to new romantic experiences whether you are single or in a relationship. I will instill in you frequencies of excitement and confidence so you can attract what you desire. Once in this vibrational space, you will be drawn to the right relationship to nourish your body and spirit. 

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