Mas Sajady EI Podcast #125: Stephen Hawking Part 2 - Live Conversations with Dead People

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This episode completes my metaphysical discussion with Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist who passed away not long ago. This interview is the first in a new series of podcasts where I will be connecting and interviewing spirits who have crossed to the other side - if you have any suggestions on who you would like me to speak with and questions you would like asked, please email us at By the end of this podcast you will have a deep understanding of Mr. Hawking's views on spirituality, the afterlife, happiness, and his own personal journey with religion and morality.

You will learn timeless truths about the nature of time and space as well how to reconcile the intellectual concepts of science with the fundamental truths of cosmic faith. You will have a greater appreciation of the connection between our spirit body and our physical form, and the power we have to cultivate our connection to source using that bond. 

We end this week's episode with a potent Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, where you will be infused with the energy of Mr. Hawking to help you in your own growth process. 


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"How can you understand happiness if you don't understand yourself."

Show Notes:

  • Do humans have the capacity to understand the universe
  • Will humans ever use their capacity to understand the universe
  • What is the potential for humans understanding the universe
  • What does Stephen Hawking admire about the Universal Intelligence
  • Has Mr. Hawking gained new understandings about time and space
  • What is Stephen Hawking's theory of happiness
  • What does Stephen think of spirituality
"Spirituality is an understanding of existence void of time and space." 
  • Is Stephen Hawking back into his complete being
  • Why didn't Stephen believe in God
  • Was it God that gave Stephen so many disabilities
  • Does Stephen believe in a higher intelligence now
  • Why didn't Stephen believe in the afterlife
  • What does Stephen think of the afterlife now
  • If Stephen could live all over again, what would he change
"As you ascend, your definition of God will change." 

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