Mas Sajady EI Podcast #29: Is It Love or Lust at First Sight?

In this episode we explore Exponential Intelligence®’s definition of love, and how it differs from lust. We look at these emotions from both the male and female perspective, and dig deep into how they impact your life. 

I discuss how you can sustain that “love at first sight” feeling in your relationship, how to attract someone who is really compatible with you, and how lust can actually help you in a healthy Exponential Intelligence relationship.

We end with a Medihealing® where I help you step away from yourself in order to see your behavior from a different perspective. This will help you understand objectively how you feel love and create relationships in your life. With this new perspective, you will finally be in a position to attract pure Exponential love into your reality or deepen the love you already share.

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"Exponential Intelligence’s definition of love is becoming complete without needing that other person. Then you connect with someone that will help propel you to connect to Pure Source even higher."

Show Notes:

  • How to tell if your feelings are love or lust at first sight

  • Why your friends know you better than you do

  • The Exponential Intelligence view on love or lust at first sight

  • Why most people don’t understand what true love really is

  • Why true love is not time-bound

  • How lust works and why it can be positive

  • What is happening to your brain when you are on a love or lust high

  • The truth about love at first sight

  • Why men feel they must have sex to connect with a partner

  • Why most people decide what the potential of a partner will be like within three minutes of meeting them

  • How your base frequencies dictate what will happen in your love life

"You can use lust in Exponential Intelligence to bring you and your partner closer together."

  • The physical signs in others that tell you if it's love or lust

  • Why people really want to hear someone say “I love you”

  • What dating mobile apps are doing to love today

  • Why people are not having sex for the right reasons

  • How do you know when to listen to your heart

  • Why some people have never fallen in love

  • How sexual transmutation has transformed the world in the areas of art, music, architecture and more

  • What non-monogamists should think about in love and lust

"More and more people that I have worked on start coming into the truer love space so they can attract someone who is really compatible with them."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Understanding the way you fall in love from the way your friends see you. Step back and see it as a scientist" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing, we will further explore how you see love and how you fall into relationships and love. You will see yourself from a different perspective and start to learn how you see love.

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"Most emotions in you are distorted. They're not aimed properly, and that's why you get attracted to relationships that don't last long."