Mas Sajady EI Podcast #11: A Medihealing® on Love

In this podcast, I share with you the Exponential Intelligence® definition of love and explain why this is a higher love.  This is following by a powerful Medihealing on love.

During the Medihealing, I guide you into a deep meditative state.  This allows me to work on you at spirit level to create frequencies of organic love.  These frequencies work to attract ideal relationships to you and also heal your existing connections with others. 

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"I’ll be creating frequencies of an organic love relationship for you."

Show Notes:

  • How I work on you at an admin level

  • Why I started doing stand-up meditations after my second near-death experience

  • How to get a higher definition of love

  • Why Medihealings transform people almost immediately

  • How a mastermind works and can benefit you

  • I bring you back to memories of previous relationships to discover and eliminate unhealthy patterns

  • I help you bring in the frequency of healthy organic relationships into your vibration to change the way others connect with you

"A mastermind creates that strong bond that we need to pull us out of ruts that we might have created."

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"A Medihealing is a meditation and healing combined - it's like meditation on steroids."