Mas Sajady EI Podcast #12: EI & Meaningful Relationships

In this Exponential Intelligence® episode we explore relationships from an Exponential Intelligence perspective. I discuss what a true meaningful relationship is, and the difference between a physical and spiritual relationship.

I discuss common relationship problems, misconceptions about romantic love and marriage, the beauty of connecting at a spiritual level, and much more.

After the discussion we do a ten minute Medihealing® where I guide you through different layers of meaningful spiritual relationships to help you resonate with those frequencies and bring them into your physical form.

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"If you’re in a meaningful relationship, you exude a frequency around you that is bigger than both of you."

Show Notes:

  • How you can have meaningful spiritual and physical relationships

  • Why you can’t force healthy organic bonds with others

  • How I define the concept of a meaningful relationship

  • Why you need to be complete before connecting with someone

  • The most common relationships problems I see in clients

  • How to activate EI to attract meaningful relationships

  • How dynamics shift in a meaningful relationship at spirit level

"All relationships you have should never bind or oppress you."

  • Some misconceptions about meaningful relationships

  • How unhealthy relationships fall away as you work on yourself

  • How parents and children are shaped by meaningful relationships

  • The signs that you are in a meaningful relationship

  • The 12 different layers of relationships that you can go into

  • Join my Medihealing meditation to bring fulfilling spiritual relationship frequencies into your physical vibration

"A meaningful relationship is like living with yourself from a different perspective."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Take an honest re-evaluation of all aspects of your relationships, especially the one with yourself. Also, start to notice what you want out of a meaningful relationship with someone else." Please share your story with us on Facebook.

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"If you feel incomplete, you are going to magnify that in your relationship."