Mas Sajady EI Podcast #34: A Medihealing® on Spiritual Sex

In this episode, I guide you through a Medihealing that will help you resonate with the frequencies of spiritual sex and divine ecstasy.

I discuss why you don’t often hear the words spiritual and sex together, why talking about sex is taboo in many societies, and what fears and negative connotations people have involving sex.

I also address divine ecstasy, which is when the sacred connection between spirituality and sexuality ignites during spiritual sex with ourselves or others. This pushes our vibration to new heights, and can accelerate your growth in amazing ways. 

In this special Medihealing, I’ll bring you into a place where you can feel the power of spiritual sex and divine ecstasy. 

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"You combine the purity of two individuals through a sexual act when it is spiritual sex."

Show Notes:

  • Why many people think that sex is taboo

  • How this Medihealing will help you get rid of the fear and negative connotations around sex

  • How we pick up distorted sexual perceptions from our culture

  • All about the Divine Ecstasy Frequency Spa

"We will bring in the purity of what sex is really meant to be."

  • How connecting to Pure Source will get you to have spiritual sex

  • How the Medihealing will take you to a place where you can mimic the frequencies of spiritual sex

  • Why this works whether you are in a relationship or single

  • How we can understand sexuality in a different way through our spiritual body

"This Medihealing will help open up the path that leads you to Pure Source."

This Week's Medihealing:

In this Medihealing, we will bring frequencies into you that resonate spiritual sex and divine ecstasy so that you can bring yourself closer to those frequencies and closer to Pure Source.

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"I will help you connect to frequencies that take you into that arena of spiritual sex and divine ecstasy."

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