Mas Sajady EI Podcast #47: A Medihealing® on Intuition

This episode is designed to instill you with intuition or cleanse and enhance your existing intuitive abilities. 

Intuition is the instinctive feeling of "knowing" the answer you seek from a place outside your conscious mind. Proper use of your "third eye" is the key to this, and it is an ability that all of us possess. 

I get asked about intuition a lot, so let's take a moment to understand it. The intuitive process begins in your "third eye," which is a energetic sensory organ on your forehead between your eyes that perceives and processes the nonphysical energy all around you. This information is then transmitted to your conscious mind and physical senses so you can interact with your world in a more precise way.  The better you get at seeing and interpreting this energy, the better your decisions become and the more control you have over shaping your reality the way you want. 

As a result of the interest in this subject, this is the first podcast in our intuition series where we explore the nature of intuition and how to best tap into it. 

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"Noticing a detail or something peculiar will help bring you into the present moment and become more intuitive."

Show Notes:

  • We begin by noticing what is all around you to become present

  • How to focus on your third eye to tap into your intuition

  • Where intuition comes from

  • Why some people have great intuition

  • Why it's important to have intuition from a pure source

  • How some people have intuition from a harmful darker source

  • How intuition from a darker source can deplete or bind you

  • Why if your intuition is from a darker source, you may lose your abilities temporarily after this Medihealing

  • How your intuitive abilities will come back rooted in a purer source

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will open you up to a higher sense of intuition so that you can make decisions in your life from a purer source. I guide you to tap into your third eye and then help you bring in true intuition at frequency level. 

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