Mas Sajady EI Podcast #74: A Medihealing® on Compassion

This episode is a powerful Medihealing that lays the groundwork to understand true compassion at a deep level. This is the first of several episodes that will explore this feeling and how you can use it to fuel your personal and spiritual growth

Compassion has the power to transform every area of your life. Once you embrace a compassionate mindset for yourself and those around you, you will be ready to focus out and create an profound impact in the world. 

In the Medihealing, which meditation and healing combined, I connect your body and mind with the compassion you've always had within you. I guide you through through all of your past experiences of compassion, including those from your own life as well as those you've seen in movies and in others. Once you adopt this new perspective and tap into this power, you can move forward gracefully and see both the world and yourself in a compassionate new light. 

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"Compassion will help you transform your life in any area that you need."

Show Notes:

  • Noticing the details of your body

  • Reviewing your past understandings of compassion

  • How the EI definition of compassion is different

  • Laying the groundwork to understand the concept of compassion

  • How I help you remember the true definition of compassion

  • The triangle of energy points that controls compassion in your body

" Medihealing gives us the fuel to pull away from our blocks and ascend much faster."

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