Mas Sajady EI Podcast #118: New Adventures

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This special podcast is a powerful Medihealing designed to give you final closure on whatever happened in the preceding year, so you can launch into future adventures with a clean slate and an open heart. 

I begin by explaining my inspiration for this episode, which was my recent goodbye to my son Zach as he left our home to continue his education in Australia. While this was somewhat bittersweet because of close bond I have with him, I was excited for him and the various paths that will unfold in his life because he had the courage to make this decision and move to the other side of the world to pursue his dreams. 

We end this episode with a potent Medihealing, which is  a unique form meditation and healing combined to accelerate your spiritual ascendance. I guide you into a deep meditative state, then empower you to shift your frequencies and optimize your understanding of new adventures that will shift you into a fulfilling  and abundant life. By the time you complete this process you will release your fears of the unknown and step into a vibrant new appreciation for the exciting paths that lay ahead of you. 


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"We all want more adventure and abundance."

Show Notes:

  • Why is today a blessed day for new adventures
  • Why today is important for Mas
  • The importance of deep connections with your brothers and sisters
"When you optimize your frequencies you can create the thrilling life we all seek." 
  • How new adventures can be exciting
  • Why new adventures might be bittersweet
  • How to close off your 2017 like an accountant would
"Connecting with Pure Source will give you opportunities for adventure, abundance and eternal happiness." 

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