Mas Sajady EI Podcast #119: The New Business Paradigm

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In this episode I introduce a powerful emerging phenomenon that is already changing the professional world as we know it. I have sensed the world's energetic shift into a new business paradigm, and wanted to share it with you with the help of dear friend Ahmed Fahour, a wildly successful businessman and perfect embodiment of this philosophy. 

I begin by allowing Ahmed to share his background and achievements as a businessman, including becoming the CEO of the largest bank and shipping company in Australia. He shares what it took to create these astonishing results in his life, made all the more remarkable when you take into consideration that he built this career from humble beginnings as the child of recent immigrant parents. 

Ahmed and I explain how the new business paradigm is all about putting the people of your company ahead of the profit margins, and how implementing this philosophy can create growth beyond anything imaginable. We also dig into how this mindset is equally effective in parenting and any other relationship-based aspect of life. 

By the end of this episode you will have a deep understanding of how to succeed using the new business paradigm - how leading with heart and spirit and putting the people around you first can create remarkable results in your business and life. 


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"Successful individuals always treat challenges as opportunities to expand and enhance themselves."

Show Notes:

  • What is the new business paradigm
  • The challenges of a migrant family in a new community
  • How should you look at problems and challenges in business
  • How important is change in the business world
  • How to identify people who have the same vibration as you
  • What belief in a person can do to their self-worth
  • The ability of creativity to drive innovation
"Even if you're not the boss, you have the power to impact the culture of your company." 
  • What is the most important asset in business
  • Where does the EI business paradigm start
  • Why you need to trust others to grow
  • What to do with your special talent
  • The importance of connecting with other people
  • Why you should believe in the potential of others
  • How AI and robots can benefit humans in corporations
"Obstacles aren't about God forsaking you, they're about God strengthening you." 

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