Mas Sajady EI Podcast #121: School Shootings

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There is an epidemic of school shootings in our nation that must cease. This episode is designed to address the underlying distortions in our collective consciousness that are manifesting in these horrific tragedies destroying the lives of the most innocent and pure of our world - our children. We must all come together to ensure that this pattern is interrupted once and for all. 

I don't normally address politically-charged news stories but I felt compelled to speak into this because these aren't simply the actions of hurt, misunderstood children acting out against their peers. These shootings are a symptom of a larger cultural physical and spiritual detox, the latent energy of our deep collective suffering, pain and fear bubbling to the surface and exploding in bursts of heart-breaking violence.

So how do we accelerate this process? We commit our bodies, minds and spirits to awakening. We let nothing stop us on the path to vibrational ascension. As the veil slowly lifts from our eyes, and we push through our own personal detox, we do our part to eliminate the darkness of humanity and stop this twisted cycle of fear, control and harm. 

I end this episode with a potent Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, where I guide you into a deep meditative state and connect you powerfully with Pure Source. Once in this space you are able to transform along with the millions of others who have discovered Exponential Intelligence, so we can end the patterns that cause so much suffering in our world. 


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"If we were awakened, all of the strife seen in the world wouldn't happen."

Show Notes:

  • Do terrible things happen to those who are awakened
  • How do frequencies work their way out of our systems
  • What happens during the frequency detox process
  • Is the world getting worse
  • What else will happen in the world before it awakens
"Connecting to Pure Source is about asking how we can become our limitless selves." 
  • What does it mean to take back your power
  • What happens when people take back their power
  • Is there a faster way to awaken
  • Why do school shootings happen according to EI
  • How long does it take to awaken if you feel controlled
"Take back your true power by awakening to a higher level." 

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