Mas Sajady EI Podcast #101: Vanity, Beauty and Spirituality Part 1

In this episode, the first of a two-episode series, I tap into Pure Source and answer your questions about the surprising relationship between subjects that are often discussed together - spiritual ascension and physical beauty. 

So often people who highly value their physical appearance are labeled as being "shallow," "sinful" and "spiritually dense"... but what if that wasn't necessarily true? I begin by addressing listener questions and going deep into the truth of the connections between how we look, how we feel and how both can deepen our bond with Pure Source. I explain how the intention behind why we pursue our activities are often far more important than the actions themselves, and how to implement conscious intention in our own lives.

I also shed light on why physical beauty is classified as a sin by many major religions, and the powerful connection between the aging process and our spiritual growth. You will leave this episode with a renewed appreciation for how universal and accessible beauty is all levels, and have a deeper understanding of how to truly have it all in the physical realm and those beyond the stars. 


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"No matter what you are doing, you should always be working to connect to Pure Source"

Show Notes:

  • What is the definition of vanity
  • What is EI's perspective on vanity and spirituality
  • Do awakened spirits have vanity
  • Do we choose how we are going to look before we reincarnate
  • Why some spiritual teachings make beauty sinful
"You must have a strong foundation before beauty and abundance can come into you and not distort you." 
  • Whether material desires make us less spiritual
  • How the aging process is linked to our connection to Pure Source
  • Why people assume that you're vain if you're attractive
  • How to lay foundation to ensure that abundance won't distort you
  • How people perceive you as you ascend higher and higher
"One of the most common reasons people aren't successful is that they despise the success of others." 

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