Mas Sajady EI Podcast 152: The 15 Myths of Success with Dawn Moore - Part 2


Just how I started out in Part 1 with my saying, “Notice what you notice. Notice the details of what you notice.” we jump right into Part 2 of The 15 Myths of Success to expound with Dawn Moore about what that really means. As a byproduct of this process, we also unravel how Significant Success can be achieved as we compare it against conventional success.

While, in general, we can distinguish success from internal versus external viewpoints, Dawn and I also point out how much this may be seen as expansion versus separation in people’s quests for success. It becomes more evident how conventional success compartmentalizes life into pieces like health, finances, relationships and leisure that need to be pursued distinctly or sacrificed and inherently creates chasms within one’s identity. Rather I share how the various pieces, if you will, harmonize with you if you can “notice what you notice” to sustain and/or clear your space from a centered identity that magnifies them into 360 Degrees of Abundance.

Today, I am reminded of the word “fiat” that is associated with much of our world’s currency to be fake and reflects much of society’s definition of success. Know that you actually have a higher value than what is perceived by others. Significant Success helps you bring yourself to a higher definition of who you are and towards what you are worth beyond social constructs.

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“As you ascend higher, your life becomes your hobby and you enjoy the space that you’re in.” - Mas Sajady

Show Notes:

  • How would our emotions play into achieving Significant Success

  • What does “Notice what you notice. Notice the details of what you notice” really mean

  • How is success something you attract from an internal space and not something you chase when you’re not centered

  • What is the EI perspective on having to sacrifice health to create wealth or success

  • Do you need to give up sleep in order to be accommodate the work that needs to be done

  • Do you need to give up your comforts in order to achieve success

“When from an internal perspective you’re able to magnify, you become a magnet.” - Dawn Moore

  • To attain success, do you need to suffer or forego your hobbies and stick only to work

  • Why do people struggle with needing to be liked or not needing to be liked

  • Do you have to swallow your pride and lose your identity in order to become successful

  • Does pride carry distorted patterns of identity

  • Must you sacrifice your immediate desires or delay gratification for long-term success

  • What would the EI perspective be about generating Significant Success when it comes to income and investments

“Like x-rays, it’s the invisible energy that’s able to create a visible image for people.” - Dawn Moore

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