Mas Sajady EI Podcast 151: The 15 Myths of Success with Dawn Moore - Part 1


I am joined by one of my clients, Dawn Moore, an international sales and communication strategist with whom I discuss what is true success in Part 1 of this podcast to The 15 Myths of Success. Of course, this avails me the opportunity to define what I call Significant Success apart from conventional success.

While I often reference Significant Success to individuals like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad, I cannot emphasize enough that I’m not talking about those who are religiously inclined or even stereotyped to be living as a recluse untouched by everyday society. Yet those who engage with everyday society solely to achieve external gains are clearly who Dawn and I discern from having any internal fulfillment.

With Significant Success, I help you tap into the 99% of you to forge a more complete picture of you than the 1% of who you think you are. With Significant Success, you can access 360 Degrees of Abundance. Significant Success embodies both internal and external gratification.

As a result of this wisdom from working with us, Dawn has now even a unique approach to move forward in her life and businesses. Tune in to break down some of the myths we consider as success, where I also provide personal examples to help shift you into Significant Success. Then stay tuned for Part 2, in the next episode, as we complete the 15 Myths of Success.

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“You can leverage timeless knowledge and wisdom into the time you need to create Significant Success.” - Mas Sajady

Show Notes:

  • Is it true that you need to sacrifice your time in order to be successful

  • What is Einstein Time

  • Do you have to sacrifice your happiness to be successful

  • How can a person even consider sacrificing family and, at the same time, have 360 Degrees of Abundance

“Happiness, in Significant Success form, perpetuates abundance.” - Mas Sajady

  • Do you have to give up your friends to achieve Significant Success

  • What are the patterns that people bring with them as they ascend

  • How does someone move from their conscious 1% into their 99% where Exponential Intelligence factors into Significant Success

  • Do you need to give up who are in order to be successful

“Filters are like contact lenses. They filter what you see. Remove the filters and see clearly the highest version of yourselves.” - Dawn Moore

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