Mas Sajady EI Podcast #61: A Medihealing® on Breaking The Shackles of Devotion

This episode is a customized Medihealing where we explore how it feels to release the shackles that bind us in the name of devotion and worship

A Medihealing is a meditation and healing in one to accelerate personal growth. This podcast is part of our series on devotion that started with episode 60: Dangerous Devotion. 

As I explained in the previous Episode, the EI definition of devotion is standing in the strength of your connection to Pure Source and recognizing that what you are devoted to is simply another extension of the same energy. You are complete, and do not need any person, entity or organization to fulfill you. This pertains to all aspects of life; relationships, self, religion, work.

I discuss how I can help reprogram and remove the shackles you wear. This will free you from the shackles of devotion that weigh you down and hold you back from embracing your true self.

Also, I review how devotion can be passed from other lifetimes and your family lineage.  And we work together to decipher when is the right time to remove those distortions. Distortions are harmful patterns of frequencies that we absorb over the course of our current and past lifetimes that create everything in our life that is not in alignment with our spirit. 

This Medihealing will bring you into a space that is free and unbound from any limitations or control sources. 

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"Once you are aware of the shackles that bind you, you can release them."

Show Notes:

  • How I can help you reprogram your life

  • Why people get controlled by devotion

  • How you can get devoted to a person or organization

  • Telling the difference between a true cause and a binding one

  • How I help free you of shackles from past lives or family lineage

  • Discovering and understanding shackles that you have

  • Questioning when you’re ready to let go of your shackles

  • Helping you release the shackles of devotion and worship

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing I'll help you understand the shackles that bind you, and explore the origins of your bonds of devotion and worship. I'll guide you to realize which shackles you have and where they came from, and reprogram you to break free of these control sources. This Medihealing can be listened to multiple times until you feel the weight of the shackles of devotion lifted from your spirit.  

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