Mas Sajady EI Podcast #98: Death - The Awakening

In this episode I give you a peek behind the veil that separates life and death, so you can get a better understanding of the relationship between the these two forces and the beauty that exists beyond our physical world.  This is an excerpt from an EI Mastery recording that has over an hour of additional content on the true nature of death - click here to learn more and download it. 

I begin this episode by demystifying the concept of death and making it clear that passing on to our next reality is something to celebrate, not fear. I give you insights on what to expect when we die, as well as the true nature of our purpose here on Earth. I also share timeless truths about the energy we carry from lifetime to lifetime, and how to clear it which will accelerate your spiritual ascension. 

By end of this episode you will have a new perspective on the beauty that is unlocked in the culmination of our life. I hope it inspires you to cherish your time on this planet, and also to look forward to passing on to higher realms and reconnecting to the divine perfection of Pure Source. 


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"It's an honor to be in this reality; it means we're enlightened enough to create density."

Show Notes:

  • What actually happens after we die
  • How the way we spend our life impacts us after death
  • Whether reincarnation is available for most deceased spirits
  • What are the different levels of life after death

"You can never really go backwards; you’re always expanding and always learning."

  • What is our true nature when we die
  • Do we return to a neutral spirit identity
  • When we die, what part of us reincarnates
  • Do we regain our omnipresent knowledge upon our death
"No amount of physical wealth is an indicator that you are awakened on the other side" 

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