Mas Sajady EI Podcast #55: Fathers, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Today we discuss fatherhood, a subject that is near and dear to my heart as a dad to six kids. This episode explores the relevance of fathers to all areas of our lives, and how they can make life good, bad, or just plain ugly. 

I talk about the critical role that good fathers play in anchoring a family.  I view Clint Eastwood's characters in classic westerns as a great example of what a good dad is all about - calm, confident and strong no matter what. I explain how universal and powerful the experience of love between a dad and his family can be, and how to fully embrace this bond for yourself. I share the story of when I became a father, which changed my perspective on life forever. 

We discuss bad fathers and the impact they have on families. I outline why dads who are physically present but emotionally absent can do more damage to their kids than those who simply aren't there. We explain the importance of connecting with the father figure in your life, and how to heal that relationship within even if he isn't around. 

We address when fatherhood gets ugly due to addiction, abuse and other severe issues. I explain how to take the power back if you have been traumatized by this family dynamic, so you can move on and create an authentic joyful life regardless of how your dad treated you. 

In this customized Medihealing®, meditation and healing in one, I help you connect with your father no matter the relationship you have with him or if he is still alive.  Then I guide you into a new understanding of how you understand and define your father. From this space you will be able see him without judgment, allowing you to release any harmful paternal energy you may be holding onto. 

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"Fatherhood is a universal component that is deeply within all of us."


Show Notes:

  • How to clear father issues

  • The 13 Peruvian Nights event I am doing in the Amazon

  • Why I was called to Peru

  • The importance of father and son bonding

  • The confusion that people have about their father

  • How to come to good terms with your father

"Your whole idea of what life is about completely changes when you become a father."

  • Exponential Intelligence’s view on fatherhood

  • Balancing the gender roles as a single parent

  • How fatherhood challenges you

  • What to do about absent, distant, or abusive fathers

  • Which movies represent fathers in a healthy, strong way

  • Why TV sitcoms usually represent dads as dumb and weak

  • The concept of fatherhood in different parts of the world

  • How to let your kids be themselves

"You can use any situation, good or bad, to propel you to great things."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Really understand who your father is.  Jot down all of the good and bad things about your father. Then throw it away. This will help you understand and pull judgement away from your father - it's not even about him, it's about the component inside you that you need to be complete" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will work to heal your connection with your father. I work on different subgroups of paternal relationships, helping to repair them regardless of what kind of father you had. I will guide you into a new understanding and appreciation of your dad, fulfilling that space within you so you can move forward in a completed state.  

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