Mas Sajady EI Podcast #65: A Medihealing® on Aligning Focus

The saying, "what you focus on grows" helps to illustrate that you have a choice when it comes to where you put your energy and what you develop. You can decide to look left, right, up, down. You can say yes, maybe, no. You can pay more attention to the positive or negative in life.   But in order to make the best decisions for you, it is critical to check in with where your focus is coming from. 

Exponential Intelligence®’s focus doesn't originate in physical space, rather it's an immense limitless resource that comes from within our spiritual space. This spirit allows us to manifest our dreams;  whether that's creating a family, becoming your own boss, being financially independent and even all this combined and more.

With spiritual focus you are following your path to living in total abundance; 360 degrees of abundance is attainable to us all.   

This Medihealing®, a meditation and healing in one, is a continuation of Episode 63: A Medihealing® on EI Focus.  I guide you to hone in on the three points in your body where focus originates from; your sternum, third eye, and fifth eye. Once you access these gateways, you can begin to channel spiritual focus effectively.  We will go within to tap into our power and shine out into the external world.  

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"Focus creates momentum, it gets us out of ruts and clears blocks which allows us to grow."

Show Notes:

  • Why EI focus is important

  • How to know when your focus shifts

  • Where is the fourth dimension

  • Why the fourth dimension is critical to focus

  • Why you should listen to both Focus Medihealings multiple times

"Notice your focus is beyond the physicalness of this world for empowerment."

  • What is our third eye

  • How the third eye works

  • How Mas get downloaded with Pure Source knowledge

  • What are the three points to pay attention to on your body

  • Why it is important to tap into the three points on your body

"Our knowledge of what we can get is only a sliver of our actual possibilities."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will guide you through the three points on your body that give you access to your spiritual focus.  By tapping into your spiritual focus, you will set a strong foundation to be limitless.

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