Mas Sajady EI Podcast #94: Mind Control, Brainwashing and More

This special episode explores how I edit your frequencies on a deep level and the difference it can make in your life. I also outline the various dark forms of mind control some employ to exploit their clients, and contrast it with the tools I use that empower you to live in 360 degrees of abundance.

Many people ask me what modality I work in, and a few even accuse me of employing brainwashing or hypnosis on my clients - nothing could be further from the truth! I begin this episode by clarifying how I simply give you the tools to shift on your own, and why my methods are so different from those used by others for darkness.

I give you a great understanding of what it's like to be able to read the spiritual data in your DNA, and how editing that information is an effective way to hit the "reset" button and wipe out all the toxic patterns that you've absorbed from this lifetime and those that have come before.  I also answer listener questions on how I see and manage client energy in group Medihealings,® and how exposure to dark energy can actually strengthen your spirit rather than weaken you. 

We end with a Medihealing, which is a combination of meditation and healing designed to accelerate your spiritual growth. In this session I guide you into a deep meditative state and then immerse you in frequencies to protect you from the hypnotic forces we are exposed to in our daily lives.  I expand your awareness of how much of your life you currently spend in hypnosis, so you can pull yourself out of that autopilot and take your independance back for good. 


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"When you shift someone at their blueprint, it changes their frequencies allowing them to transform their reality."

Show Notes:

  • How Mas' technique is different from traditional physical modalities
  • What the different energy systems of the body are
  • How Mas shifts your frequencies
  • What happens when your source code is changed
  • How much of your history is stored in your DNA
  • What it means to read DNA at a vibrational level
"Once you understand what’s in your DNA, your whole life makes more sense." 
  • Why it's a good thing if you "blank out" after Mas works on you
  • How Mas deletes harmful history from your DNA
  • How group frequencies present themselves during Medihealing
  • How Mas can tell who is new to the group and what they need
  • Can Mas differentiate individual spirits and specific frequencies
  • How dark energy can strengthen your spiritual immunity
"As you awaken spiritually, you lose your prior identification with your life’s purpose and see how grand you really are." 

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