Mas Sajady EI Podcast #87: Money and Spirituality Part 1

In this episode we begin a series discussing the connection between two topics that most people consider mutually exclusive - money and spirituality. I will take you deep into how these two powerful forces impact each other and the surprising truth behind how they are linked. By the end of this episode you will know the truth about how money and spirituality are linked, and how you can achieve an abundance of both without compromising either. 

Most people have been conditioned to believe that having money means that you can't be spiritual. I begin this episode by dispelling that false truth and explaining why it exists in the first place; to keep the public weak and under control. I illuminate for you why you are fully capable of being spiritually and physically wealthy at the same time, and why being broke does not demonstrate any sort of spiritual enlightenment per se. 

I share with you my story of how I had to lose all of my wealth and property to see that my true abundance was always spiritual, and that you really can have your cake and eat it too. Once you awaken, all of the riches you have ever desired will be nothing more than a biproduct of your connection to Pure Source. 

We end with a powerful Medihealing® where I dispel your past negative beliefs around money that you inherited from society, your family and even past lifetimes. Now that you are operating from a clean slate, you are free to adopt financial beliefs that serve you and bring you abundance. 



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"How much are you willing to sacrifice to transform the world."

Show Notes:

  • Why money is considered spiritually toxic

  • The truth behind how religions and spiritual institutions use money to support their mission

  • Why are there so many lies about money and wealth

  • Why spiritual mothers covet wealthy suitors for their offspring

  • How does being poor affect spiritual development

"When you are spiritually wealthy, physical abundance will flow into you as a blessing."

  • What is the motivation for politicians to pit the wealthy against the poor

  • Is it possible to realize spirituality without financial abundance

  • Do you need to suffer in this realm to reach Heaven

  • Is money a hindrance to spiritual growth

  • What should you expect back when you tithe to religious institutions

"The distortions of your life aren't you."

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