Mas Sajady EI Podcast 163: Reverse Aging

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In this episode, we look into the concept of aging and how it can be reversed. Taken from a recent Frequency Spa, where I help bathe you in the frequencies of beauty, youth and vitality, I felt this would be a good podcast as well because I dive into concepts like space-time and nature that affect your aging process.

If Anita Moorjani can be taken as an example from her near death recovery and subsequent revitalization, then we can at least explore how aging is a myth. To put it simply, if age was truly determined by your time here on earth then why are there outliers like Moorjani and I that defy it?

For those who have done the EI work, they find a natural inclination to eat the right foods, break out from familial patterns and move forward from anything that may have caused arrested development. Therefore even when we speak of aging in terms of decay or turning back the clock on health and appearance, it is also no indicator of wisdom.

In fact, nature is one of the best teachers that help pull us into our utmost in beauty, happiness and wisdom. As you begin to awaken with EI, you begin to experience the timelessness of your true self in spite of the changes that come with the seasons. So, tune in and take in this frequency app I’ve “bottled up” to help you be at your best age—your best self.

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“Being present takes you out of the perspectives you learn through time and expands you into concepts that are timeless.”

Show Notes:

  • How does time and space help you reverse the aging process and maintain youthfulness

  • What are some reasons aging is a myth

  • Why do some people look younger or older than their age

  • How can you regain or come back from you had lost from cancer

  • Is aging a byproduct of not having enough money or affluence

  • How can trauma stop time

  • What does it mean when you start to “solidify”

“Your default spiritual age is your most beautiful, happiest and wisest state.”

  • How do others, like your parents, overshadow you that affect aging and behaviors

  • How is Mas able to reverse age

  • What does it mean to copy from your spiritual identity

  • What is a spiritual age and how is it actually your default age

  • How does your default spiritual patterns differ from human patterns

  • How does nature remain abundant

  • What does it mean when Mas works on you

“As our planet has groups and sub-groups of consciousness, your body also consists of frequencies and sub-frequencies for its parts to comprise the whole.”

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