Mas Sajady EI Podcast 162: Ascendance - The Awakening Part 2

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In Part 2 of this Ascendance Series of The Awakening I’m asked by star client, Ramona, some crucial questions that will help a lot of people awaken. As, what I call, the “purity wave” washes over the entire universe we explore the relevance of Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness that was first outlined in his book Power vs. Force. I even detail my first near death experience, where I connected with the my other 99% of who I truly was and merged it with my 1% as represented by my flesh, to portray where I could associate my own levels of consciousness to Hawkins’ Map.

From 0 (shame) to 1,000 (enlightenment) I could see, in a way, where humanity falls in Hawkins’ Map because my experience propelled me towards the higher levels of consciousness to see the finer details amidst a bigger picture. I discern further the processes of ascending to awakened levels where creations or manifestations created by filtered perspectives don’t exist; the wholeness of a universal perspective enables you to see everything without judgment that confirms your completeness.

On the other hand, when incomplete, you will feel a need to control—whether within yourself in mental battle to other countries at war. From Ramona’s questions, we discuss also what it takes as well as the possibilities when humanity ascends as a whole.

From an awakened perspective, humanity is actually full of beauty and grace—similar to the feelings you get when out in nature. Yet as dense as this place may seem, it makes for a much grander playground than anywhere in the multiverse for us to exercise our creative capacities. Listen in to see how your awakening can rekindle the possibilities within you.

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“Be in control of yourself—present in space-time—and everything falls into perfect order for you.”

Show Notes:

  • What is the “purity wave”

  • How does the “purity wave” affect us as well as Mas’ work

  • What does it mean to be “awakened”

  • How is manifestation achieved at the higher levels

  • What is the conventional method of control versus EI’s method of control

  • How is your connection with EI related to your internal and outward realities

  • What is true love and its characteristics that separate it from common issues seen prevalently in relationships today

  • What are the ways true self love can propel a relationship into higher levels

  • When an individual reaches the higher levels, are concepts like forgiveness necessary

“Awakening is not about love, light and feeling good. It’s about pure potential.”

  • What level of consciousness does humanity need to awaken to make a positive movement on humanity

  • When you cleanse yourself of 80% of your life distortions, what are the remaining 20% in your ascendance

  • What is the distinguishing factor between being human versus humanity’s consciousness

  • How is enlightenment synonymous with nature

  • What is Archetype Superhuman

  • What is the reality of earth and what are our creative possibilities when we become Archetype Superhuman

  • Has humanity ever been in the state heave on earth

  • Are aliens more intelligent than humans

  • What can we do to help the process for people to be an awakened human

“It’s not the food, money and aide we provide. What really works is the higher consciousness behind them—the greater ‘why’—that uplifts humanity.”

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