Mas Sajady EI Podcast 148: Reversing Cancer with Johann Igenfritz


Returning fresh from The Best You Expo, I was pleased to connect with CEO and Founder of UK Health Radio™, Wiki Health and Health Triangle magazine, Johann Ilgenfritz, from our events in the UK. Joining me in discussing his own brushes with death then resurrection onto a new path in life, Johann shares practical information you can try to revive, maintain or improve your nutritional health as well.

Given a life expectancy of 12 months, surviving one heart attack but fighting a recurring cancer, Johann takes us on his journey of sheer determination combined with internet scavenging to eventually become cancer free within 2 1/2 years. Not often mentioned are also the psychological aspects of facing death where Johann experienced 6-7 months of despair.

While it’s obvious the internet doesn’t always reflect the facts, it can provide inspiration where Johann came across the purported statement “cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated alkaline cellular environment” by Nobel Prize winner in Physiology, Dr. Otto Warburg.

This was all the spark Johann needed and, after changing his diet in merely 6 weeks, a new surge in energy gave him more confidence to dive deeper into his research to create what is now the UK Health Radio. Therein he provides access to a one-stop shop to tune in live to health professionals 24/7 as well as an in-depth database comprised of a variety of perspectives to address health conditions. With integrity to inform and animate the public in a non-provocative way, check out the UK Health Radio at for solid information to empower yourself towards a clean bill of health.

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“You only need one option to work. Find the one that works for you.” - Johann Ilgenfritz

Show Notes:

  • What compelled Johann Ilgenfritz to engage in the process of taking responsibility for his own life

  • What was the thought process behind Johann’s quest for the one option to work for his healing

  • What practices in diet and exercise can you do to alkalize your body

  • What color in vegetables can you look for to further alkalize your body

  • Can one avocado really have more protein than a porter steak

  • What made Johann go from 20 years as a fashion photographer to helping to awaken the world through his radio show

  • What was Johann’s “Why” to create his radio show or platform

“You have to take responsibility of your own life into your own hands, not just the medications handed to you by your doctor.” - Mas Sajady

  • How did Johann develop his radio show

  • Who is Robert Scott Bell

  • Though health professionals are featured on Johann’s radio show, what perspectives are offered by them

  • What types of information is offered by UK Health Radio

  • What is the other 50% apart from nutritional knowledge to sustain a more 360-degree standpoint on health

  • What is Wiki Health

  • What does the medical community think about Johann and UK Health Radio

“Strive for perfection but don’t wait around for it.” - Johann Ilgenfritz

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