Mas Sajady EI Podcast 147: Ascendance - Introspection


A continuation of our Ascendance Series, we are joined in this episode by one of clients, Pieter, to share with us his journey from one extreme to another that eventually landed him where he is today with the help of Exponential Intelligence. An intriguing journey from his tumultuous childhood to his sharp rise as CEO of various businesses, I was honored to discuss and learn of the tenacity Pieter embodied to search for himself in spite of burnouts, failing health, failed relationships, lost fortunes and disillusionment even with gurus.

In spite of the extremes, I helped highlight Pieter’s experiences as not good or bad but as circumstances we can all learn from to help ascend to the next levels of self-realization. Looking towards what I call Significant Success and Project Superhuman, I was deeply rejoiceful to hear Pieter reach that state of “I Am” where no desires or obligations had to to be met to experience blissful joy.

Here, you don’t have to do anything because you are everything.

Significant Success is where every experience becomes an introspective tool for you to catapult higher or align stronger in your center and everything begins to fall into place for you—be it money, health, relationships, connection, et al. This is 360 degrees of abundance without abuse, control, destruction or distortion.

Even further, through Pieter’s grit to ascend even greater, we mention Project Superhuman where I look into his trajectory and the possibilities that lie ahead for him. And, in pure alignment with space-time, we discuss the potentialities of mankind and nature and the synchronization of thought and instant manifestation. How magnificent in this grand tapestry of creation can we become to flip one extreme of life into our natural birthright of abundance, and ten times that or greater than before? Listen in to grasp the mechanics of how I can assist you, and you in turn may become a tuning fork for others as well.

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“God is not ‘out there’ to help you. God is already there.”

Show Notes:

  • How did Pieter formerly define success

  • How do successful individuals turn abuse into true success

  • What were the attributes of abuse and control in Pieter’s family

  • How did success magnify Pieter’s issues

  • Can a burnout be a blessing

  • Why would peace and silence, or the feeling of being home, cause detox

  • How did Pieter’s spirit land him to meet Mas after being guided through other teachers like Osho, Mooji, Jeff Foster, Betinho Massaro, Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch

  • Instead of judging a situation to be good or bad, how can we see it as a mechanism for success

“I help you stabilize, and then I let you go. You have to learn to stabilize on your own.”

  • When rebuilding one’s body systems—mental, emotional, physical, etc.—how did Pieter know to keep going in spite of the detox

  • How did Pieter go from a conceptual understanding of self-realization to owning or embodying the essence of himself

  • Why would you need to be grateful for anything or anyone once you become one with everything

    How did Mas help Pieter “click” into the “I Am”

  • Can you discern one’s grandness apart from human emotions

  • How did Pieter’s new perspective or redefinition of himself contribute to ease, peace and flow

  • While religious and spiritual teachings might be accurate, why do they sometimes feel binding

  • How does Mas’ success principles on Exponential Intelligence compare to others’ teachings

  • What is beyond the “I Am”

“Any teacher or modality isn’t perfect. Yet championing their good doesn’t mean you’re championing their bad. Take what inspires and allow them to inspire.”

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