Mas Sajady EI Podcast 149: Significant Health with Dr. Gordon Pederson


I am happy to express how excited I became during my interview with the extraordinary Dr. Gordon Pederson, as we discussed current solutions and potentialities we can bring to achieve Significant Health. Dr. Pederson truly embraces the holistic vision and application of Western medicine to the etherical frequencies of life to help alleviate suffering around the world.

A former student of Jonas Salk who first discovered the polio vaccine, well-versed in medical toxicology, naturopathy, immunology and anti-aging, I saw that Dr. Pederson could detect why people got ill and come up with practical solutions. He has published documentation in peer-reviewed journals on neutralizing malaria and was even granted a cure! He also found those who recovered best from physical problems reported making the conscious choice to heal. Yet the greater freedom of choice, I’ve found, actually stem from the level of one’s awakening.

While I saw how effective Dr. Pederson’s solutions could be, I also saw how complementary my work could help address the underlying frequencies of time distortion that disconnect people from health—perhaps a seemingly unrelated but quantum physics perspective on why people get ill. Still I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Pederson’s patients who had the most severe physical problems, who were getting well, discovered me via this Exponential Intelligence® (EI) podcast.

EI, as some of you may know, is a unique but timeless roadmap to Truth gained from Pure Source. Part of the journey is to fall fully into nature or to become fully human—a process I’ve coined Archetype Superhuman. And what fascinates me about Dr. Pederson’s work is he has released silver products that can help bring you into this pureness of nature.

Look below and press play to discover the insights Dr. Pederson has made available to the public. Then go to to shop for Dr. Pederson’s products that can help revitalize your way to Significant Health.

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“Patients need self-evaluation with greater purpose before they implement the essence of wellness.” - Dr. Gordon Pederson

Show Notes:

  • How did Exponential Intelligence bring Dr. Pederson and Mas together

  • What is the key to making an actual choice towards health

  • Why listening to an authority figure may hijack your recovery process

  • How did Dr. Pederson’s studies with Jonas Salk influence him to embrace energy medicine

  • What does the acronym E.S.S.E.N.C.E mean to achieve overall total wellness

  • What did Jonas Salk warn Dr. Pederson about the insurance companies

  • How did Dr. Pederson’s understanding of silver enable him to see healing beyond just chemicals and prescriptions in the toxicology world

  • What are the benefits of ingesting silver

  • What did Dr. Pederson learn in his travels to be granted a cure for malaria

“It’s more than just brain scans and blood tests to then be prescribed a pill. There’s an energy that needs to be balanced.” - Dr. Gordon Pederson

  • What did Dr. Pederson learn in his travels to be granted a cure for malaria

  • What is the structural makeup of alkalized silver

  • How can alkalized silver help establish Significant Health

  • In relation to water, how far back in time is religion referenced when the beginning is mentioned

  • What is the difference between creating an “instance” versus a “copy”

  • Where did the phrase “born with a silver spoon” come from

  • What is the chemical structure of Ritalin prescribed to children with ADHD

  • Where does traditional medicine fit in the scheme of holistic health

“It’s critical for your body to grow physically healthier to handle the frequencies that ascension carry.” - Mas Sajady

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