Mas Sajady EI Podcast 160: Success Routines - The Myth


Welcome, as we go into another episode of our New Business Paradigm series, where we look beyond the parameters of success in the material world and combine it with a spiritual but practical point of view. In the vein of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I deconstruct what underlies the success of successful individuals and examine if they truly embody what I call high performance consciousness—also made into my mission to help you attain 360 degrees of abundance.

In debunking the myth of success routines, I took inspiration by a business magazine that wanted to interview me as they have done so on many other successful individuals as well.

I set myself apart by scanning several individuals to see if, in their books, teachings and other materials, scheduled or habitual routines really do duplicate success. While I’ve found you may become more externally organized and efficient by learning their routines, does their of chunking of time or life habits really help you also embody internal joy, peace or fulfillment?

Their success routines were often preceded by various motives and, despite the good-naturedness of some of these individuals, it becomes more clear they were uncorrelated with a purer intent or Pure Source that each continue to experience their respective levels of distortion today.

While these individuals have reached a semblance of notoriety and/or financial success, I have also been approached by the same types of C-Suite individuals, professional athletes, royalty, scientists and more to help them expand into a more complete sense of success.

To learn more about what the New Business Paradigm means to me and how you can learn from the individuals mentioned in this episode, tune in and notice what you notice behind their routines.

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“Embody the underlying successes you intrinsically and already possess rather than using routines as a means to an end.”

Show Notes:

  • What do successful individuals do to become successful

  • How can you achieve success the EI way

  • What is the conventional way of success

  • How is the conventional way of success sabotaging you

  • How does Mas answer the question: “How do you prevent burnout”

  • How does Mas answer the question: “What’s your daily routine for success, i.e. morning and evening rituals”

  • How does Mas answer: “What single habit gives you 80% of your results”

  • Can routines simply be a misappropriation of

  • Why doesn’t goal-setting work for 90% of the individuals who do it

“Truly successful individuals run success patterns internally. Then whatever is done externally creates success.”

  • What is one major block to success

  • What does more money magnify in your life

  • How does perfection leave you feeling never enough

  • What are the deeper underlying desires behind successful routines

  • What does the Jim Carrey movie The Mask have anything to do with fiat

  • What happens when you disconnect too far from your authentic self

  • Instead of stepping outside of yourself to achieve success what is the mechanism or state of being to achieve genuine success

  • What does it mean to be “in the zone”

  • How is your grandness referred to The Midas Touch

“Being present connects you to that higher consciousness—being ‘in the zone’—to feel grand and the wherewithal is drawn in that makes you successful.”

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