Mas Sajady EI Podcast 161: Ascendance - The Awakening Part 1


On this Ascendance Series episode in Part 1 with another rising client, Ann Ramona, we welcome her story from depression and ill health to youthing, freedom and flowering abilities. Her story however is not for conventional medicine where physical symptoms originated from sources, if you will, not so physical. Though I make no claims to be a doctor, modern science and medicine still have yet to catch up to what I saw as a deceased sister that inhabited Ramona’s body.

Still, through persistence and work with me, Ramona was able to release distortions from her sister and other family lineage patterns that contributed to other issues in relationships and in the workplace. For clients who have a difficult time understanding how distortions are released—the detox process—Ramona also reveals her method of detox that I consider one of the best ways to help shed past issues and move on towards your natural brilliance.

By sharing her journey through the ascendance process, you will be amazed to hear how Ramona turned back the clock with reverse aging and regained her life from loss patterns that afflicted her family. Like others who dug within, to find the courage that everyone possesses, Ramona is a shining light that proves you can lead yourself through and out of the proverbial Dark Night of the Soul.

As an example of her work on leadership, Ramona has actually redefined “leadership” as one who leads themselves. This clarity has afforded Ramona to see patterns more vividly in her clients and, like me, recognize the fractal reality of control mechanisms and manipulation that exist within ourselves can be released without so we can all live free.

Tune in to the next episode on Part 2 with Ramona, where I address deeper questions to help you in your ascendance process.

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“As you awaken, your vital force will use the same patterns to push you out of the same space you got yourself in.”

Show Notes:

  • What did Mas point out in Ramona for her to realize the source of her sicknesses and depression

  • How was it that Ramona seemingly grew into success with a partner, two apartments and good job leading leaders but was still dying in the eyes of Mas

  • What was the first breaking point or breakthrough Ramona had when revitalizing herself from illness

  • When going through the ascendance process, what is one of the best methods to detox

  • What are the different ways people detox if they detox when awakening

  • With youthing, did Ramona need to go through a process similar to “growing pains”

  • At what point did Ramona experience her Dark Night of the Soul

  • Does Mas’ “confirm the deletion” require multiple confirmations

  • What event details did Ramona notice for her to begin realizing her patterns

“When being promoted, do you want to carry old job patterns with you? Or do you want to confirm the deletions and embrace the new adventure?”

  • Where does Mas consider the pivotal point for people when ascending towards the fun of EI

  • What pattern did Ramona identify in herself and the women in her family that has enabled control mechanisms and manifestations

  • What other traits do children inherit other than physical traits

  • What’s love got to do with it in a relationship

  • At a higher level, what happens to the way you observe your past patterns and how can they be dealt with

  • What is the biggest shift Ramona credits in her abilities to now be able to truly help others

  • What is the difference between doing versus being

  • What is real customer retention beyond the physical tactics of gifting, discounts, et al

  • How does knowing how to lead yourself trump titles, net worth, knowledge and logistics

“EI kicks in when you’ve removed 80% of your distortions. This is when it starts to get fun.”

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