Mas Sajady EI Podcast #96: Wealth and Religion

In this installment of my "Demystifying Religion" podcast series, I share insights about the nature of true wealth and how to achieve it in your life while walking the spiritual path. I shatter some long-held myths about the relationship between financial abundance and spirituality, and also give you new details about my own journey to lasting abundance including lessons you can apply in your own life. 

I felt guided to share with you my own path to true spiritual wealth by paralleling it to the Biblical story of Job. I explain the truth behind various chapters of Job's experience of finding deep faith and inner abundance through losing all of his material possessions, and I relate how I discovered this truth in a similar way. 

The principles of detox and ascension we must all go through on the path to spiritual enlightenment and physical abundance are demonstrated beautifully in the tale of Job; you will learn valuable tips on how to trust in Pure Source regardless of what tests are thrown at you. As you shed your old toxic patterns and ascend, your steadfast commitment and faith will grant you deep appreciation and abundance that isn't available through simply chasing physical riches. 

We end this episode with a powerful Medihealing where I bring in the frequency of your favorite wealthy religious figure, so you can begin to absorb the vibration of true spiritual abundance and the riches that come along with it. 


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"You’re connected to Pure Source and your Higher Self - that’s the only security you need."

Show Notes:

  • Were there any wealthy prophets
  • Does wealth corrupt you
  • What is the story in the Book of Job
  • What gets removed when you connect to Pure Source
  • Does extreme wealth provide security
"Free will is the major tenet of all major religions, including spirituality." 
  • How does an awakening spirit parallel the story of Job
  • Why doesn't God answer all of your prayers
  • How do you tune into God's frequency
  • What is meant by Fear of the Lord
  • What is the true meaning of wealth and religion and spirituality
"Once you’re unburdened and on track, you realize that all abundance comes from your awakened spirit." 

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