Mas Sajady EI Podcast #145: Bruce Lee - Live Conversations with Dead People


As we enter the Year of the Pig, we commemorate this Chinese New Year actually by tapping into the consciousness of The Dragon himself—Bruce Lee. In our ongoing series, Live Conversations with Dead People, I unearth some insights into Bruce’s time on the planet as well as the grand timelessness of nature he was always trying to convey. While most knew of Bruce’s physical prowess on and off screen, many still could not ignore the effects of his spiritual philosophies imparted onto the global masses.

Bruce took to a greater truth that rippled success and enlightenment even after his death. To be clear, the wisdom that came from his mixed martial arts (MMA) practice was first and foremost derived from his dedication towards his own enlightenment. This is one of the core lessons we can take away from this episode. The science of Significant Success, for example, comes from a deeper awakening of that immaterial 99% that enables you to connect with the 1% of material life as a laboratory or playground to see how far you can push beyond the perceived limitations of law and matter.

In Bruce’s pursuits, how would he have otherwise transcended racial and ethnic barriers? How was he able to move faster than the speed of film? Why was he able to touch so many lives in ways that defied the culture and creed of the times?

Listen in as I guide you through the mind of The Dragon and see what keys you can unlock to instill Exponential Intelligence® into your daily upgrade of life.

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“Be like water…and become nothing, anything and everything.” - Bruce Lee

Show Notes:

  • How can we hone in on each others’ consciousnesses to help each other ascend

  • How would Bruce advise how to master all the signs of the zodiac

  • How did Bruce’s interest in physical fitness contribute to his spiritual insights

  • What lessons can we take from mixing arts and culture into our daily lives

  • Who would have won between Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali in a street fight or in the ring

  • How would Bruce advise on keeping any creation pure and not diluted by misinterpretation or misperception

  • How did Bruce transcend racism and ethnicism through his films

  • What did Bruce have within him that allowed such superhuman speed and strength to cause evolution in film technology to capture high speed action

  • Was the Kung Fu television series stolen by the Warner Bros. film studio

  • What would Bruce say today about the racial movements in film today such as Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians

“‘Being’ is not complacently accepting yourself the way you are. ‘Being’ is understanding your original brilliance and then improving upon yourself to become more fluid and dynamic.” - Mas Sajady

  • Does Bruce have a deeper understanding of his famous phrase “Be like water” now compared to when he was alive

  • How does Bruce feel about the current Bruce Lee brand run by his daughter, Shannon

  • Is there one or two key messages Bruce would like to share from his legacy

  • What does Bruce have to say about the darkness and light of Chinese culture

  • What message does Bruce have for his family

  • Does Bruce want to reincarnate

  • Was Bruce’s goal to be famous and a worldwide influencer as a result of being so centered and humble

  • How does Bruce feel about his lifetime accomplishments

  • Was it Bruce’s intention to stay in physical incarnation for only a short time

  • What advice would Bruce give to lead a fulfilling life

“Focus not on your color or culture. Focus on you and you become a light to your culture and your world.” - Bruce Lee

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