Mas Sajady EI Podcast #146: Turning Abuse into Homeopathic Medicine


In this fifth and final part to our free Abuse Recovery Series, I uncover some of the seemingly unrelated aspects of your being to help shift your state of abuse into a state of wholeness.

I redefine abuse as any situation where you have veered off space-time and from your present moment. So whether you’re hooked onto your mobile, have escaped into a luxury facade or felt ill from a GMO-filled diet I challenge you to trace the symptoms of your misalignment that can be used to bring you back into your center.

For instance, do you believe that cancer originates from your external environments like EMF’s, polluted areas/neighborhoods or the food system? If so, ask what are the causes for your blame? What insecurities reside within yourself to point outwards and elsewhere for your situation? In modern science today, we actually have instruments that can foretell what you’re thinking even in milliseconds before you think of it. A crack into the window of underlying subliminal thoughts, sub-quantum frequencies or spiritual DNA that govern your reality, just imagine, what realities can we actually create if we realize the manifestation mechanisms from within—from this homeopathic approach?

As a follow-up to the Abuse Recovery Series, I invite you to go deeper and sign up for our Abuse Series Intensive. In the Intensive, we explore way beyond the sub-levels of the mind-body connection and step out of the trees to the see the forest. Simply seeing the mechanisms of your reality is half the cure. Now let’s go all the way.

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“If your own internal healing capacity is not awakened, nothing will sustainably work for you.”

Show Notes:

  • What is homeopathic medicine

  • How can we use abuse to cure abuse

  • How did Anita Moorjani reverse her cancer

  • Is there something that precedes the mind-body connection

  • How could obesity be related to sexual abuse

  • What does obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) have to do with time

  • What does being out of time have to do with arguments

  • Is it possible the root cause of diseases can stem from unforeseen stressful situations

  • How can we turn worry around and manifest the proper way

“Thinking positive creates more tension because you’re fighting an opposing force. Look deeper to see where your negative thoughts are coming from.”

  • How can your spiritual DNA from generations prior affect the physical DNA currently running in your life

  • Is it the food system that has made us unhealthy or is it that we’re unhealthy on some level that has generated an unhealthy food system

  • How is being asexual a form of abuse

  • How are suicidal tendencies, depression and anxiety a product of spiritual harvesting

  • What is spiritual harvesting

  • What is your default spiritual age

  • If an addiction indicates you’re under control, who or what is controlling you

  • Why do doctors not know how their prescription drugs may cause suicide

  • Why do we need more prescription drugs when we’re under prescription drugs

“If you’re at all disconnected from the present moment, it’s an abuse in itself.”

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