Mas Sajady EI Podcast #132: Demystifying Religion - Filthy Rich in Heaven


Is it really easier, as Jesus once said, “for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God?” Suggesting that rich people carry with them filth that crowds their entrance into the Kingdom, I weave through various interpretations to pin down the true essence of this metaphor.

In this and previous podcasts, where I mention money as a magnifier to one’s advantages or issues, it’s easier to look at the state of the world and point at the power figures who likely also hold the purse strings. However those who embody a more complete wholeness internally would not attribute any personal issues—rich or poor—to an external source. In fact, anybody who is wealthy on the inside automatically reflects a more holistic wealth on the outside, as subtle as feeling an intangible sensation of peace as you brush shoulders with a complete stranger to gaining a tangible windfall via inheritance or promotion.

The poor individual who pressures the rich to give away everything is no holier than thou, and so is the rich who is possessed by their external possessions. So does one have to give up all things material in order to walk the path of Jesus? Tune in to learn exactly what it is to give up to achieve an EI definition of 360 Degrees of Abundance.



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"Understand the greatness that you are without your possessions, then you'll understand the treasures that lie for you here and when you cross over."

Show Notes:

  • What did Jesus say about the wealthy

  • Can the wealthy enter the Kingdom of Heaven

  • What does scripture say about money and the afterlife

  • How does wealth and physical possession corrupt

  • How did Mas find his deeper inner greatness

  • Does wealth and possession distort a person

"Like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, you can use wealth to transform the thinking of civilizations."

  • What is EI's perspective on wealth and heaven

  • Should one accept wealth and abundance that comes their way

  • Can wealth solve one's problems

  • Is there truth in what Jesus says about the rich not entering Heaven

  • How does a wealthy person get distorted

  • Should a wealthy person feel guilty about their success

"The grand power of the 99% within you when meshed in harmony with the 1% without extends true confidence and completeness throughout."

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