Mas Sajady EI Podcast #131: Purpose

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During my connection with Pure Source, I was inspired to convey an EI perspective on the concept of purpose. I contrast, in the Medihealing, distorted views on birth and death against clarity needed to live truly on purpose through life.

We examine the underlying motivators that drive our purpose attributed alongside daily tasks to noteworthy achievements. Some examples I mention include why Western medicine and their reverence of preserving life neglects the inevitable beauty in death, how the procreation of children skews the development of a truly intimate family relationship and what are the effects that procured technologies intended to kill has on a society that later uses them to try and benefit humankind. How we've come to define purpose as justified means to an end goal has more often deepened the cavern between our connection with spirit.

In this reveal, I explain how living on purpose is to align your physical life in mirror image with your spirit. And the clarity we carve out to achieve that mirrored oneness would fulfill any purpose on Earth.



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"Our true purpose is to reflect in physical form our purest essence from our spiritual form."

Show Notes:

  • What does purpose mean from a true definition
  • What is ultimate truth
  • What is the definition of purpose
  • How can one use the mastermind to understand one's true purpose
  • How can one become their limitless self
  • How does one find their purpose that satisfies them
  • Who can find their purpose in life
"At the cusp of life or death we have tremendous opportunities to rectify our purpose." 
  • How come so few people find their purpose
  • Why does society create distortions
  • What does it mean to die incorrectly
  • Why do we crave a purpose
  • Why have we lost vision of what our true purpose is
  • What happens if we know what our one purpose is
"The number one element to many individuals who achieve great success is belief in themselves." 

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