Mas Sajady EI Podcast 157: EI Parenting


Recently I did a talk with Youth MediMorphosis® sessions at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis, MN and one of my passions became very apparent as a parent. Seeing so much of the distortions we have today in war, poverty, etc., my lecture about children and the consciousness of humanity turned quickly into this episode on Exponential Intelligence (EI) Parenting.

As a father of six (two of them can be seen here on my EI podcast webpage), it has been heart-wrenching to see the burdens we as parents have been heaping onto our children for millennia with the shoestring of hope that things will change for the better. It is this lack of resolve that I have made it my mission to help awaken those, like the youth, who are ready to make that change in consciousness and ultimately our future.

In nuanced undertone, this is also a cautionary tale for those who don’t seek to awaken or may even scoff at this lecture.

In many of my recent talks, I reference nature and how it is perfectly situated in time and space—where abundance is its constant accompaniment. With the innocence of youth, and younger children especially, whom are already awakened or awakening to this understanding, I discuss not only why they can be inclined to separate from parents yet also what parents can do about it.

Before you look at faltering religions, governments, schools, corporations and cultures as the culprits to society’s woes, look to see where your parenting may have contributed, even at the most minuscule of motives and behaviors, that led to those structures. Parenting is core to the ripple outwards in reflection of our consciousness.

So imagine a new normal—the timeless and true moral standard—where our children no longer look to the outside to compartmentalize proactive movements. Rather inherently they would know, from within, the abundance they weren’t meant to exude. And proper parenting would guide and realign our youth towards that. Preachers, teachers, leaders…. Parents! Please listen up.

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“Don’t compare your whole life to that instant view of a photo on social media that may have taken one moment to forever to set up.”

Show Notes:

  • How do we bring in a purer consciousness

  • How is it that nature, e.g. a squirrel naturally gather nuts for the winter when it has never even seen or experienced winter

  • How does social media affect children’s self-image

  • Who is the number group of people that play games on social media

  • Are the kids who are awakening now simply being shut down

  • Do kids choose the families they are born into

  • How do adopted children inherit their circumstances

“Parents keep pushing in blind faith their beliefs are going to work. Kids aren’t rebels. They want something that actually works.”

  • How are families like businesses

  • How can parents teach their children any different from systems everywhere that are faltering

  • Why hasn’t the public school system developed since the late 1800’s

  • What’s the best way to develop a high-functioning family or team

  • Why do kids try to separate themselves from their parents

  • What is a better alternative to telling kids how smart they are

“My purpose is to bring in a purer consciousness to leave this distorted realm behind.”

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