Mas Sajady EI Podcast 156: Freddie Mercury Part 2 - Live Conversations with Dead People


As we continue on to Part 2 with Freddie Mercury in our series of Live Conversations with Dead People, we dig deeper into Freddie’s thoughts on his personal life, music, worldview and love.

What made Freddie different was also a connection to his deceased twin. And, during times when we actually stop and reflect upon our actions or their underlying motives, a great lesson can be learned from him to examine what influences we can embrace or ought to let go. As we should know by now, what we think is our imagination may also be of sources from beyond the grave and elsewhere.

With regards to influences on music and society, Confucius once said: “If one should desire to know if a kingdom is well-governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” It is again what is behind the facade of celebrity, politics and structure of our everyday world—our most minuscule thoughts—that Freddie would point to what has furnished its very creation.

While self-examination is at the very core of what’s reflected back to us in physical reality, it also doesn’t hurt to have some help as Freddie did when he was alive. It was interesting for me to note, in conversation, a band of artists from the other side—Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, among others—were joining together to push forth the ascendance of mankind and our consciousness.

It is perhaps this love for humanity and our love for each other that is the thread which connects us whenever we are left ungrounded and lost in the clouds. Freddie gave humanity too much credit and got lost several times along the way. He was however supported by a love that kept him solid and carries his legacy even after death by one woman in two words—Mary Austin.

Tune in and listen to how Freddie’s and Mary’s love for each other has been the fuel to expand our creativity—not only in music but our very humanity.

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“Imagine if you woke up to the mechanics of your makeup. You wouldn’t go through the tribulations and turmoil of life.” - Mas Sajady

Show Notes:

  • As a rockstar, who would Freddie consider the true rockstars in any field

  • What would Freddie say about the state of music today

  • What was Freddie’s relationship with the piano

  • In spite of aiming for bigger and better in later records, why did Freddie step back from his abilities on the piano

  • What did Freddie want the actor, Rami Malek, and viewers to experience and/or understand through the film Bohemian Rhapsody

  • In Freddie’s opinion, is there a difference in recorded music and live music performance when it comes to connecting with the audience

  • How did Freddie balance the dichotomy of being a flamboyant extrovert and an intense introvert

  • In what ways did Freddie use this dichotomy for fuel in greater success

“That timeless being coming into this physical space to invigorate us is what we’re all looking for.” - Mas Sajady

  • What does Freddie believe it would take to establish a re-renaissance—a revolution in music history that moves humanity into the age of enlightenment

  • What did Freddie value most in life

  • If what he cherished most could be done differently, would Freddie do it all over again

  • What were Freddie’s struggles with finding himself when it came to homosexuality

  • How does Freddie see his homosexuality from his spirit state

  • How does Freddie look upon his love for Mary Austin and of each other now

  • Does Freddie have a message for Mary Austin on friendship and love

“Instead of trying to fit in and be normal, ask why did you create yourself? If you understood your uniqueness needed to exist in this realm, you would be completely fulfilled.” - Freddie Mercury

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