Mas Sajady EI Podcast 158: Michael Jackson - Live Conversations with Dead People


In this series of Live Conversations with Dead People, I welcome none other than the King of Pop—Michael Jackson—to share his truth about his personal life and the messages he wished to impart upon the world. Beyond the music industry and his fans, Michael’s name still rippled out over news unrelated to his career that marred his social progress personal stature. From child abuse allegations to his controversial death, Michael persists over his innocence while revealing information on the horrors of humanity. Still yet he provides newfound hope to help us all rise to a higher consciousness.

I was also heartened to hear I was among the few people Michael entrusted and how we would work together to usher in this newfound humanity. As in previous podcast interviews with other artists, Michael is one in a band of deceased artists who has the motivation to help free the living from derivatives of control or the need to sell one’s soul, as it were, to achieve Significant Success.

As you’ll hear, Michael shares with us the purity and brilliance of his talents that bled not only onto the dance floor but also through his intentions to heal himself and the world. I also help caution the pitfalls of success and come into congruence with Michael on our times where bullies and haters accompany them. On the other hand, while the purity wave continues to engulf our universe or multiverse, we also touch upon so-called negativity and novelty that in the future will be perceived in a light that helps us propel towards higher consciousness—something I call EI Emotions.

From this conversation, I walked away learning that Michael was a true badass but whom’s light will continue to elevate the consciousness of humanity. Likewise I have made it my mission to contribute to this avenue, and with Michael on our side, we can leave an indelible impression. Michael was and always will be “Bad.”

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“You who are more awakened, are that MVP, where people seduce and abuse you more because you are their anchor. You are not weak. You are the brightest of the bunch.” - Mas Sajady

Show Notes:

  • Did Michael sell his soul for fame

  • What was Michael’s childhood like

  • Did Michael really have sexual relations with children

  • How does Michael see the embodiment of himself now that he is awakened

  • What would Michael have done differently in his lifetime

  • How did Michael deal with the incredible pressure

  • How did Michael see his abusers, perpetrators, bullies and haters, and what message does he have for them

“The definition of money on how we see it in this plane is the root of all evil. Money is actually a spiritual symbol.” - Mas Sajady

  • What does Michael want the world to know about himself, his life, his success and his mission that brought him on Earth

  • What does Michael want the world to know about his death

  • How was Michael’s dying experience

  • What does Michael want his kids to know about him and what would he love to tell them

  • What is the most essential message Michael wants to tell the world and his fans

  • What is Michael’s vision of a world he would love to be in and what would he say could heal the world from where we are today

  • How would Michael define true success

“When exposed to success in it truest sense—your godly-like—haters receive the reflection of what they are not and buckle to the pain shone by their light. Despise yourself for what you have become, and you can destroy that facade to begin to shine in your own brilliance.” - Michael Jackson

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