Mas Sajady EI Podcast 155: Freddie Mercury Part 1 - Live Conversations with Dead People


While it was an honor just to be able to speak with Freddie Mercury, realizing what he was able to create while on this earth really excited me to develop what I call Archetype Superhuman. Freddie actually heard and saw more than the average human when it came to sounds, shapes and images. It would behoove some of you then to understand why musicians like Freddie stood beyond the stereotype of the sensitive artist.

In Part 1 with Freddie in this series of Live Conversations with Dead People, we explore not only his creative abilities but also the underlying reasons of what he was trying to impart onto humanity. Creativity is no longer to be boxed in towards music, arts or even the sex and drugs that egregiously accompany them. I’m sure Freddie would argue his music was a fractal reality of the beauty and boundaries he pushed through everyday reality to exemplify our inventive capacities.

I also get personal with Freddie as to why he was so extraordinary and the real reasons he delved into sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. He broke through many societal norms in music, with his band Queen, and especially his sexuality. The latter, one may find interesting Freddie used as a vehicle for further creativity over biological reasoning.

There was something magnetic about Freddie that drew millions of people to him and to the music of Queen. Imagine. How many of us have yet to embrace how we each uniquely designed ourselves to be? How would your life look? Be like Freddie. Be yourself.

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Show Notes:

  • What was music to Freddie

  • Was there anybody that could make Freddie not confident

  • How do Freddie receive his creative inspiration

  • How did Freddie feel about breaking through boundaries and social norms

“It’s amazing how you can adapt and what you can create if you had the knowledge of what could be possible.” - Mas Sajady

  • What awakened Freddie to clean up and cut toxic people out of his life

  • Why did Freddie’s father not accept him

  • Why did Freddie begin calling himself “Freddie” and then ultimately changing his name to “Freddie Mercury"

  • What did Freddie believe was the real reason why he died so young

“Music is a reflection and rendition of what could be.” - Freddie Mercury

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