Mas Sajady EI Podcast 154: The Science of Spirituality - Part 2


As we cruise ahead from Part 1 to answer remaining questions in this episode of The Science of Spirituality - Part 2, I provide more in-depth answers to reveal the mechanics of a bigger picture. While we have the propensity to wonder about heaven and elsewhere, the present moment is where the potential lies for us to create and therefore open up greater possibilities to tap into the so-called other side in order to gain timeless wisdom from Exponential Intelligence.

Staying present or centered within space-time is something I emphasize often, as knowing where you are is critical to knowing where to go. Rather than losing hold of your center in pursuit of material gains for the sake of short-term satisfaction, imagine already having these gains from an intrinsic space that allows time for their respective materials to come into fruition.

In a mass scale, this could be a society where what is beneficial to you is also beneficial for others. People would already embody abundance; there would be no need to oppress others for a perceived lack thereof.

You will then begin to see humanity’s issues derive much from the perception of separation. Yet if you are able to acknowledge your makeup as one and the same with the stars then what would you be lacking? Though it may sound controversial, what would you need “God” for? What “proof” from science would you need?

All frequencies from suffering to opulence have been given to you. You stand to choose well. EI can help awaken you to your innate grandness of the stars.

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“It’s a lot easier to awaken in this physical reality because there are reference points. Get it right on this side.”

Show Notes:

  • How does one obtain true peace

  • What happens to you after you die

  • Describe heaven and how to get there

  • Describe God

“The greatest quality humans possess is the ability to master time and space. With that ability comes invention.”

  • What is the greatest quality humans possess

  • What is it that prevents people from living their full potential

  • What is wisdom and how do we gain it

  • Are we all one

“Your only purpose is to know who you are—a state of wholeness and completeness—and to live it in physical form.”

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