Mas Sajady EI Podcast #130: Judgement

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As I delved into the pursuit of success, I was struck by the underlying fear of judgement or judgement issues that hold many back in this process. A great deal of how we’ve come to define judgement has been based on an authoritative body or perspective.

From spiritual or religious organizations, we fear being judged for our actions by a creator we don’t even understand. Those who have been overtly criticized are left feeling not good enough to make decisions. Knowledge that is simply incorrect has us regurgitating false news passed down over culture and millennia. And people who feel the need to clarify a decision-making process suffer from poor judgement to make solid choices.

In this episode, I take you through a Medihealing to uncover EI’s definition of judgement to see it from a pure perspective and use it to help carry out your everyday activities in completeness.


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"Judgement, in its purest sense, allows us to process a ton of information in a split second."

Show Notes:

  • What is a Medihealing
  • What podcasts focus on Medihealing
  • How can one connect to Pure Source even stronger
  • How can we benefit from the strength of the group
  • What is EI's definition of judgement
"We can use judgement to allow programs that control your life to reset." 
  • Why do people suffer from distorted judgement
  • What is wrong knowledge
  • What are the different forms of judgement
  • How can you use judgement in its purest form
  • Where do judgement distortions come from

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