Mas Sajady EI Podcast #138: Recovering from Loneliness & Abuse with Teal Swan

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As we prepare to launch our Abuse Series at the top of 2019, the timing couldn’t have been better for me to have sat down with renowned speaker and author, Teal Swan, to discuss her personal upbringing with abuse and how we all experience it based upon her perspective on loneliness.

If we look at society, we see trauma everywhere—from improper weaning of babies to the ravages of war. Without a doubt, it has become a societal epidemic yet we’ve somehow succumbed to the enormity of its ubiquity that it’s almost deemed “normal.” It has unfortunately widened the chasm of perceived separation into deep loneliness that affects millions in spite of billions in population on Planet Earth.

Teal clarifies that these are all essentially fragments of perception and identities we’ve created in order to survive. And the task, at hand, is to have all of society engage in commitment to understand each other and ultimately ourselves. She further specifies there is a need for genuine connection because we are a group species, and it is in our basic biology to be with and be in mutual understanding of one another.

Listen in to this episode to hear Teal’s take on loneliness and how you can learn more from her latest book, The Anatomy of Loneliness.

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"When you notice someone else’s suffering that enhances your sensation of separation, it awakens you to your power over it." —Teal Swan

Show Notes:

  • What is Teal Swan’s background

  • What kind of gifts does Teal Swan have

  • What happens in children when they experience trauma

  • How does trauma fragmentation work

  • What realizations are in Teal Swan’s book

  • What are the three pillars of loneliness

  • How does Teal Swan differentiate between loneliness and being alone

  • Can one truly be alone

  • Does loneliness play a role in determining one’s success

"We are everything—dark, light, physical and spiritual—and by remaining dead center, transcend duality and benefit from the aspects of all that is." —Mas Sajady

  • Do people need others to feel complete

  • Why do people stay in poor relationships rather than be alone

  • Is isolation better than poor interactions

  • How can someone who is trying to be aware not feel lonely

  • What are good ways to boost one’s mood when feeling lonely

  • Is there an ultimate cure for loneliness

  • How can oneness be achieved

  • Is there a state in human evolution where we will no longer feel lonely

  • Does suffering from loneliness have any correlation with one’s spiritual achievement

"The solution to loneliness is we commit to an intimate understanding of aspects that bother us internally—especially from someone right in front of you—and the external world will mirror those resolved connections exactly." —Teal Swan

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