Mas Sajady EI Podcast #139: Turning Abuse Into The Foundation For Success

EI 139

As new frequency waves begin to wash through the universe, greater transparency is required to move us forward into our next stage of evolution. A systemic understanding of abuse is no exception to that transparency, and can help us take a glaring look at why it’s even needed at all.

Being the first, in this episode, of a five-session part to our Abuse Recovery Series, I help you look into abuse as stumbling blocks to turn them into stepping stones. We jump in to see that abuse is not limited to just things that are physical, like getting slapped in the face or being yelled at. In a broader sense, I define abuse as anything that pulls you apart from living in the present moment and jars you loose from alignment to your spirit.

I also refine my teaching of abuse, in its purest form, and explain what is its true purpose to help you attain that higher level of Significant Success. You’ll walk away from listening to this episode how to be in lockstep with nature and see the mechanism of abuse as death and decay—aspects of life to help propel you into continued growth and expansion—and even stave from abuser-abusee paradigms.

Click on the play button below, and see how you can turn abuse into your foundation for success.

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"Anything that takes you off from the present moment is abuse--whether good or bad."

Show Notes:

  • What is EI's point of view on abuse

  • How do distortions constitute abuse

  • What do abusers have in common with each other

  • What are common attributes of abusers

  • Why did God/Nature create abuse

  • How is abuse a form of death

  • Why do people abuse each other

  • Why do people take abuse

  • Are there benefits of abuse

"Jesus never said to go away from the dark and into the light. To master the world is to master both the dark and the light."

  • What does it mean to be off your path

  • Why do patterns of abuse continue

  • Is religion and spirituality a form of abuse

  • What do people use to control others

  • Can you end abuse

  • How do you course correct to get back on your mark

  • Why is abuse continuous

  • How is abuse a deterioration of time

  • Can you use abuse as a tool

"The abuser and abusee are two sides of the same coin that are addicted to something to stay present. You don't need to abuse or be abused to be present."

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