Mas Sajady EI Podcast #143: Why Most People Are Not Wealthy & Why Most Wealthy Are Not Happy


In the third of this five-session part to our free Abuse Recovery Series, I discuss the issues surrounding wealth and those who have it. Sitting on either side of lacking or having wealth doesn’t paint the complete picture of one’s true wealth, and I help untangle the convolution especially where competing ideologies can morph wealth into abuse.

For many who are rich, money is put on a pedestal and people feel the need to work their fingers to the bone to attain it. Yet religion, for the most part, suggests being financially poor is the ticket to heaven. Both views incur abuse in the forms of burnout and struggle, and it should be more apparent after centuries and millennia living these patterns neither represents true wealth.

People often also confuse their net worth to equal their self-worth. But what if you truly understood wealth as an inside job that radiates outward your worldly experiences worthy of your royalty?

Studies show the compilation of everything physical throughout the universe amounts to roughly 1% of the entire spectrum. It then makes no sense that we bicker or even kill within the 1% just to attain a piece of the 1%. If we could, wouldn’t we want to tap into the remaining 99% to experience a more wholeness of life and abundance unimagined?

Stop the perpetual cycle of attaining wealth for money itself. Money is a tool that you can invest or use to also gain greater wealth into the 99% rather than get abused by it. Understand wealth from a grander perspective and enjoy all the pleasures that are built in for you in this world.

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“Your self-worth is not how much (money) you’re worth.”

Show Notes:

  • What does wealth have to do with abuse

  • Why is money put on a pedestal

  • What is the true value of your self-worth

  • How does an individual’s distorted view on wealth turn into greed

  • Why do some people insist on staying in the lower or middle class

  • How do our distortions get magnified by more money

  • Why do people sacrifice themselves to gain wealth

“Even when doing nothing, having removed your distortions makes you naturally happy. Then when you do things, you’ll be extra happy.”

  • How can we create more financial wealth free of distortions

  • From where did most of our limited financial programming begin

  • What can we do to shift financial distortions

  • Can you retain your material wealth while transitioning towards Pure Source

  • What are some examples of abuse that stems from wealth

  • How will removing abuse patterns affect wealth

  • What is true wealth like when we are free of abuse patterns

“Know how royal you are outside of money and money becomes a reflection rather than a distortion.”

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